What Is YTS & How Does It Work For Download HD Movie?

When it comes to the world of torrents, the most popular website YIFY is a safe option for downloading movies. YIFY is also known as by another name YTS. If you are looking for a film, songs, videos, etc. then you can get it here. It is effortless to download online from YTS.

YTS, the only abbreviation of the popular YIFY Torrent Solutions. So, now you can quickly get online movie experience from these such popular Torrent websites.

YTS is more popular than any other Torrent website as it garners lots of audiences, and the site provides high-quality content, high downloading speeds in comparison to other sites like Kickass torrents, Limetorrents, etc.

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What Is YIFY Official Site?

YIFY Torrents is all about a large unit of movie sites for free downloads with the help of BitTorrent. They have achieved a vast number of users globally as they have released the movies in an HD video quality that, too, is a tiny file, and that’s the best part of this.

That’s why many downloaders attracted to YTS or YIFY torrent sites. The word “YIFY” denoted from such a famous person, and he, the website’s founder, Yiftach Swery. This talented person has many qualities like a renowned web developer, app developer, and last, not least he is an archery champion too.

He lived in Auckland, New Zealand. Coming back to the YIFY official site, it is an app, where lots of movies are available, mainly the website is famous for downloading movies. They provide the movie torrent links where you can easily download it in a short time.


Yes, YTS and YIFY both are the same, YIFY is a large unit that is running very rapidly online for few years, and it has reached one top of the level in the industry for quite a few years.

These brand has only work to release the latest and best quality movies on different Torrent sites and like that they have made the first place in the industry. Day by day, they have increased their business gradually as YTS and then created their new torrent site in a whole different way.


YTS app is a fine and cool app because here you will get high-quality HD movies, and if you have a 720-pixel resolution, then also the film will look like HD and real. You can download the YTS app on your android device as it will support there up to 15 API and more than that.

If you are interested in having this app, then all you need to download it and then go for install on your device.

The latest version updated this year. In the play store, you can find it under the category of  Entertainment, and for further details, you can visit in this website that is, ANDSOFTS’s.website, as it has many versions like 1.8, 1.9, 1.9.1, 1.9.2, 1.9.3, 1.9.4, 1.9.6, 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.3, 2.0.6, 2.1.5, 2.1.7, 1.9.

Here, we will provide you the updated details about the YTS APK so that you can know about it very clearly.

Name of the App YTS APK File
Latest version  2.5 version
Updated on  February 14th, 2020
Name of the Category Free Entertainment App
Size of the file 17M file size
AND SOFTFile supports on Android version Android 1.5 and more than above
Rating of the app Ten rating
Package of the app Com.yts.store
Available on Google Play

I think you may also want to know how you can download movies using Pirate Bay Proxy site like YTS.


Legally, you can only use the site for copyrighted movies. Otherwise, it is very wrong to use it for non-copyrighted movies. Well, according to the news, on October 30, 2K15, the popular site once  YTS/YIFY shut down officially.

After that, the controversy is still going on, whether it was illegal or is YTS will further work in upcoming years. Moreover, it is very unclear to say whether it will work in 2020 or not.

The only reason behind these shut down is that a lawsuit order passed for the shutdown and the order given from MPAA. According to the news, lots of information came that YTS or YIFY will not return, and after that shutdown, no movie was not released officially on that torrent site. 

Apart from YTS, we would like to suggest there are many other movie torrent sites where you can get the best and similar content. Here, we are going to reveal some names so that you can get a backup option for further.

  • The Pirate Bay
  • EZTV
  • TorLock
  • Nyaa
  • Torrentz2
  • ruTracker


Yes, according to law and order, YTS is illegal. Still, for not all movies, some of the films do not have any copyright issues, so you can download some of the movies and watch online on the site, but the drawback is that the list is very minimal.

So, you will not get too many options.

The thing is that almost a maximum percentage of movies have copyright issues on the YIFI, so they are illegal. If you are looking for downloading the film on the YIFY site, then we would like to suggest that you should stop that thinking and go for another real site because piracy considered a crime, so for that, they may give you punishment.

That’s why it’s better to avoid downloading movies on this YIFY site.


This answer has already created on many websites.

So if it comes to blocking in the USA, then the matter is that it may depend on what type of movie material you want.

Suppose, if you are looking for downloading non-copyrighted movie material, then it is evident that there is nothing about illegal. But, if you wish to the opposite one, download the copyrighted material via torrent, then it is unlawful until you do not own it. So, there you do not need to concern if you are looking for copyright material.


Well, the answer is obvious that how you use it. Still, in India, Torrent is not illegal. Still, it has a bad reputation because Indians do not believe the site correctly after many speculations like downloading any copyrighted materials or then uploading it is unlawful or something related like that.

Now, if you want to download movies through YTS in India, then you can. There is also another way which may be simple, but we would like to tell you that the foreign law, American’s Digital Millenium Copyright Act 1998, does not involve Indian residents. That’s why no criminal offense will not take against you if you are looking for copyrighted materials in India.

Apart from India, if your country is not supposed to support it legally, then you should not do it, the rest of the thing is in your hand.

Coming back to the downloading movies through YTS in India, all you need to visit their official website where you can download movies, and now YIFY  release their own YIFY movies domain that is YTS AM. You can share this domain with your friends and relatives so that they can know about the YIFY domain name and specifications.

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