What Is VPN & What is the Use of it?

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Do you know anything in details about VPN? The answer might be yes or no. But don’t worry today we will tell “What is VPN” and how it is work.

So friends, there might be two situation. Like if your answer is yes, then you might heard about VPN from somewhere else, but you don’t have any knowledge about that. On other site, if you heard about VPN, then you might want to know the best use of this tool. In this content, we will tell you what is VPN and how you can use this tool as a security purpose.

What Is VPN

What Is VPN & What is the Use of it?

Before knowing about VPN, you have to know what VPN stands for. Guys, VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. VPN is a type of software that can be a secure one for you. Because whenever you use VPN during your internet surfing your identity and other data are not treakable from any third party end.

now the main question is how you are going to use a VPN software in your computer or, laptop. To use a VPN software in your computer first you need to download or you can install a VPN told in your Google Chrome extension.

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