What is KODI App & How Does KODI Work?

Maybe you are a movie or TV show lover. You love to watch videos, web series, TV shows, pictures, listen to music in a massive amount in everyday or weekends. But unable to attend from paid apps like Netflix Or Amazon Prime, Hulu, hooq.tv, Iflix.com, etc. Or you have no enough time to see movies in the theatre, then Kodi is the fantastic software to experience all of these media contents and your exciting life. But before that, you must know – What Is Kodi App and how does this Kodi work on a different platform?

Just imagine if Netflix, Amazon Prime, or other digital media streaming sites will be free, then what will happen. But it never will happen. But don’t worry about this, Kodi is free to see all type of videos, TV shows, mp3, radio channels, etc.

what is kodi app

Kodi will make your TV or laptop into a home theatre screen. But be sure you have a high speed of internet, neither you have to face massive buffering problems. And another big thing when you are using this software, please turn on a good VPN app or extension.

After reading the above lines, you are curious about to know that What is Kodi or How it’s work? Here I explain about this.

What is KODI App?

Kodi is a software application, which has written on c++ and Python programming language. XBMC Foundation, a non-profit organization, develop it. It is an open source free media player. You can install & access this software on different platforms like WINDOWS, iOS or OSX, ANDROID, LINUX, etc. Even though Kodi can also run on smaller computers like ‘Raspberry Pi.’

Kodi software gives the chance user to play & view most of the kinds of music, videos, digital media file, podcasts from local and network storage or from the internet. You can get the benefit of these services through different devices like a laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet, and other supported smart devices. It has a stylish furnished design with its user interface. We hope this small descriptive part will help to understand what the KODI is.

How Does KODI Work?

Kodi specially designed for various kinds of devices. That’s why the XBMC foundation made this software different operating system compatible. Windows, Linux, MacOS, Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi, anything is smoother to run this program. You can run this on a set-top box or streaming devices, that’s a better option for this software.

It will allow you to run music, videos, pictures, sports, or many more things from your local store or a network drive. If you already have the media files saved on your hard drive, then Kodi can organize your data from it. At that time, Kodi will work just like a media player software.

But when you see your memory drive have not enough memory storage. Local media files made yourself soo much bored. You need a different category of media, videos, TV shows, etc. and want to access the media files from network storages, then you have to put add-ons on this software.

kodi on different divices

Add-ons means one type of link that you have to use on Kodi software. They connect your software to different services, and software turned into an online streaming media player. Add-ons provided on their official site and for many popular services like BBC world, Disney world, SoundCloud and many more. Put the add-ons all together on the repo. Installing different repo give you alternative contents.

Apart from that the best part of this KODI app is you don’t need any emulator software if you want to use Kodi on your PC.

Is Kodi Legal Or Safer To Use?

Yes, Of course, it’s a free open source software, that available to download everyone. It’s a legal & XBMC foundation provided for all on their website: https://kodi.tv.

This software specially designed to stream local or online contents through add-ons. It’s just like a browser or a media player. It will be safe to use when you browse through official add-ons, but on some add-ons has copyright issues. At that time, be safe from illegal add-ons or browse at your own risk.

How to install add-ons on KODI App?

It’s a more natural process. Go to the repository and type the add-ons, then click ok.

Go to ‘Settings’ > Click ‘Add-ons’ on left sidebar > click on ‘Box’ symbol on upper left corner > click on ‘Install from repository’


Go to ‘Settings’ > Click ‘Add-ons’ on left sidebar > Click ‘Enter add-on browser’

You can install different add-ons like video add-ons, music add-ons, game add-ons, etc. that show on the left bar.

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Some Best Add-ons Of Kodi:

YouTube, Twitch TV, FilmRise, BFI Player, SOUNDCLOUD, Apple iTunes Podcasts, Eurosport Player, Sports Illustrated, etc.


That’s all about Kodi app. Install Kodi and enjoy the free contents, turn your home into a theatre. If you heard about Kodi previously, but still thinking about it, then don’t be late, download & go with it. I hope Kodi will give you an exciting experience.

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