What Does NASA Stand For

NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Do you know, NASA, a part of the US govt was started on Oct 1, 1958.

Till now, NASA is in charge of United States science & technology

But do you know what NASA is? Only a few people know about this.

If we talk about the work, then NASA does many scientific things.

NASA makes aircraft, satellites and many more.

Those satellite helps their scientist to research more about our Earth.

Apart from that, their scientists study in detail our solar system through those satellites.

The best part is that they always try to share their new research & ideas with people.

Apart from knowing what the answer of NASA stands for, you should know its location.

The headquarters of NASA is in Washington D.C.

But do you know, currently, there are a total 10 number of NASA centres across the U.S?