Southern Peru Earthquake Hits 7.2 at a depth of 218 KM with powerful waves. One of the most substantial waves in Peru ever.

The US Geological Survey said no deaths or injuries happened in south Peru and this news also supports adding Peruvian authorities.

According to the US Expert team, this severe quake hit at 7:02 is local time in the middle of Peru, at 218 kilometres.

The epicentre of this quake was 20 kilometres northeast of the town of Azangaro, which is very close to Lake Titicaca.

Peruvian authorities explained this earthquake and said this centric quake caused a earthy wave felt in southwestern regions.

Peru's quake was felt throughout the south part, where Peru's second-largest city, Arequipa, was located.

Do you know that Peru, which pushes the Buzzing mouth of Fire, is hit by a minimum of 400 perceptible quakes every year? Yes, it holds.

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