US weather report says that a deadly storm may hit with deadly face in Washington DC in upcoming 1-2 days.

Right now, Strom is knocking on the door of Olney to Columbia with the possibility of a flood. Everyone should think about it.

The report says that this deadly storm may hit the DC area in multiple rounds. The 1st round may happen in the daytime, & the 2nd one may occur at midnight.

Scientists are guessing that the storm may hit the whole of Dc with deadly winds, rains, lighting, etc.

The daytime storm may be controllable for every DC people, but the rest of the two will come out of the box.

The weather forecast team shares the whole thing with the people immediately to take proper steps for that upcoming incident.

The forecast radar shows an unexpected storm rotation near the Olney area that moves very fast to the northeast past 45 km.