Best 2 Prong Extension Cord India 2020

  • This 2 prong extension cord is suitable for many personal applications, including hand laptops, computers, Printers, Video Games, Notebooks, LCD TFT CRT Monitors, Audio Equipment that generally works with 2-Prong power.
  • The male connector plugs can connect into a standard US-Port outlet, while the different connector plugs can directly be connected to your particular device.
  • This two-prong Power Cable protects your connected device from minor short circuits.
  • The length of this plugin is 4 feet.
  • Connector 2- 2-Prong Male(Easily connectable).


Best 2 Prong Extension Cord India 2020

Here we list Darahs 4 feet 2 Prong Power Cable for the best 2 Prong cord for various appliances. This Darahs 4 feet 2 prong plug Extension cord is one of the best two prongs cord.

Many people search on the internet to buy for the best 2 Prong Extension Cord India 2020. But unfortunately, they didn’t find the perfect product to use. That’s why today we are here with the best buy Darahs extension cord that comes with the best quality safety 2 prong cord.

We search on the Amazon for a few hours and get the best shock-free extension cord that you can easily use on home appliances as well as outdoor. Before going to buy this two-prong connecting cord, you should now this product details.

Product Description Of Darahs 4 feet 2 Prong Power Connecting Cable:

This 2-slot Power Darahs Cord is compatible with any Sony Playstation 2,3,4 set. Our Darahs product comes with slim shape Edition that everyone loves to use. This two-prong extension cord Length is approximately 6ft of Color: Black pack.

The real Package included a 6ft 2-Slot Power Cord x 1, and a High-quality 2-Slot Power Cord with 3 Month original Warranty card. That means if you got any lousy product, you could return it.

Apart from that if you talk about the Customer Support for this Best buy Darahs 2 Prong Polarized Power Cord India 2020 product, there are many people buy this product for indoor and outdoor uses.

If you want any kind of connecting needed for 2 prong extension cord indoor and outdoor then you can buy this product without any hesitation.

For various device users, we want to tell you that this 6 foot long two-prong power cord can easily connectable with Xbox, PS3, and many other Sony PS4 devices.

We know, there are many questions arise in your mind. But we have a common answer to your question.

  1. Does This 2 Prong Power Cord Surge Protectors? Ans:
  2. Can you use a 2 prong plug in a 3 prong extension cord? Ans: When you connect any two-prong extension cord with the three-prong extension cord, the connected device will not work. It is because it have not has a grounded connection on it.
  3. Are 2 prong extension cords safe? Ans: Yes, this Best buy 2 prong power cord is safe, but you have to use this 2 prong power cord in a proper way.

Technical Details Of This Darahs Two Prong Power Cord:

Brand Name DARAHS Brand
Model Name 2-Prong-POWER-CORDs-PS4
Item Weight 98.7 gm
Package Dimensions 11.5 x 9.8 x 3.8 cm
Item model number FM-POWER-CORD-PS4-12
Batteries Included No-Item
Batteries Required No

Additional Info. Of This Products:

Our Customer’s Reviews 4.9 out of 5 STAR
Rank On AMAZON #2,15,859 in Electronics Products


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