Nissan Z Will Be the Hottest Sports Car of 2023.

This Nissan Z will be launched at U.S Market for the very first time.

The past says that the experience of 370Z was fit for only 69 percent of American men.

But the new Nissan Z will be fit for 95% American daily life style.

According to Nissan company, they are 100% assured about their recet statement regarding comfortability.

Firstly, the main important thing is any tall and short driver can easily sit on the driving seat.

This new upcoming model will come with a telescoping steering and six-speed manual gearbox.

Company says that the new car has already gained 100 pounds on the naked body, but they says it feels smooth driving experience.

This car is designed in such a way that the new Nissan Z looks like sporty body.

This feature will feel the user sporty in a compact car.

Finally if you talk about its price then it will be launched at $49,990.

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