Huawei has launched a new port machine for their user that comes with the name of MateBook E.

But user want its full review for buy.

We all know, Huawei is a good company thats why we can believe its latest tablet model.

You may see the name Huawei MateBook E which indicates clearly that Huawei are trying to beat mighty Apple Tab.

Firstly, Huawei MateBook E loaded on Win 11 that comes with hard keyboard case in bundle.

This feature may give the user to experience a Windows loaded tablet in mini version.

The design of Huawei MateBook E is premium and in terms of weight it is very heavy with 700g.

Like other premium devices, Huawei MateBook E has packed on 12.6 OLED inch display that makes its display good.

Actually, for a heavy gamer, Huawei MateBook E will be to best choice for USA.

In this latest MateBook E model, you can see a USB-C charging socket which is again a good choice by Huawei.

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