Do you know All the tricky things about Google Assistant/ Google Home?

Now controlling your smar device is easier than before.

It is only possible for new Google home device which allow you to controll all home smart devices.

Google announches that now everyone can control all google device through Google Home directly.

One of these feature is, you can find your mobile by saying "Hey Google, Find my Phone."

1) You can create your daily routine on your personal Google Assistance.

2) Easy Calling option is now simple with Google Duo by just saying "Ok Google, Call XYZ."

3) Do you know, you can ask google for telling a joke.

4) Now-a-days people use Google Home to make announchment in home.

5) If you are getting boared then you can play with Google Assistant.

6) Now you can create any shopping list including grocery list. Later on, if you want you can add more products to this list.

7) Google Home provide easy on net streaming music facility.

8) Google Assistant is one loaded with "Online Set Alarms & Timers"

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