Fan's Favourite Arma Military Game is Back.

The company, Arma Reforger announced that they are launching a new series shooting game in 2022.

The Developer Bohemia Interactive drops a twit on twitter that their first series game Arma Reforger.

This Arma Reforger game is now available on stream with amazing shooting experience.

Arma company says this the Arma games are going to be hard like ballistics, physics and communications.

For a new gamer, this ARMA game going to be hard and first responding shooting experience.

Developer set this game on a cold War places which totally spread on 51km island.

The most interesting thing is the forces, troops and other battle euqipments are using of US force.

The developer said, Arma Reforger game is the step on new era for Arma 4 and versatile.

In the twitter, many shooting gamer shows a hugh interest to this ARMA game.

I think, if you are a gamer, then you should try this once.

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