Ashley Judd discloses mom Naomi Judd's reason of suicide.

In an interview with Diane Sawyer, the daughter of Naiomi Judd, Ashley reveals few details about the Naiomi's death.

She directly said that her mother suffering from mental illness.

Later on, this things killed her mother and she also told that this things only happen due to uncomfortable condition of their family.

Her family always ignoring to share the information about her mother's deadth.

 Naomi Judd became part of the renowned duo The Judds, with her little girl Wynonnaveals mom Naomi Judd's reason of suicide.

They both dominated the country graphes during the 1980s up until Naomi Judd was identified with liver infection C in 1991.

Her suicide news was spread in April, a day preceding she was drafted in to the Hall of Popularity.

Ashley Judd stated that the appreciation and honors of her peers could not demoralize her mommy's mental disease.

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